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Security Services

Whether it’s your personal safety or that of your company, security is a subject that demands attention. But what kind of security do you need, and how do you arrange it? Our security services make sure that you or your company is safe again.

Working with a licence from the Justice department (ND 1579) and a strong team of security officers we deliver high quality security services in the Netherlands, but also abroad, especially in Europe. The security officers working in our team have all a wide experience in different private and government security services and are licensed by Dutch law.

Below you find an overview of our security services:

  • Event security
  • Bodyguards
  • Company security
  • Front desk services
  • Camera systems
  • Security advice
  • Travel support

All our security services are performed fast, with discretion and care for all persons involved.

We are a certified Private security agency which can provide quality services worldwide.