Workshops Security en Fraud

We organize and give workshops and presentations upon request. In recent years we have assisted many companies in the field of security and / or fraud prevention etc. Many of these workshops are given to make managers and employees aware of security risks within the company, internal crime, but also outside crime off. QUSO corporate investigation is a renowned company with 12 years of experience in the issues of business integrity and security. Mr Van Bruck, CEO of QUSO, has now gained 37 years of experience, including in the police investigation department, investigative services and company investigations. Through his experience and cases, he has managed to create a workshop concept that will become an exciting and challenging action-response training for your employees and managers. In addition, you can also have workshops developed and executed by us. We can say that we can deliver a tailor-made piece for every company! For example, you have a problem within your company. We can make this problem negotiable for you by means of a workshop in which we challenge your employees to find the solution (s). We also give presentations on topics related to security and / or fraud etc. very regularly and with great pleasure.

Security awareness

The focus of a Security Awareness workshop must be to bring about a long-term change in the attitude of employees towards safety and at the same time to promote a change in culture and behavior within an organization. The security policy must be seen as essential preconditions for the organization, not as a set of rules that limit the efficient functioning of your company.

An employee who is aware of the risks, who knows the usefulness and necessity of security measures and who consciously and motivatedly handles them, is a strong link in the security chain. People are themselves the strongest link in the Security chain. It is important that the various risks are recognized and that the measures chosen to control these risks are known. What is everyone’s individual role and influence on the Security measures? What is expected of the employee, and why? How can behavior and the agreed procedures contribute to preventing theft, damage and loss.

Internal fraud

Discovering internal fraud: How do I recognize signals that could indicate internal fraud? Can I recover the damage from the employee who committed fraud? Can I fire someone immediately? What should I do if I have a strong suspicion of internal fraud? What should I do if I have caught someone fraud?

Integrity policy

The subject requires continued alertness. To guarantee attention to integrity, it is imperative that integrity is seen as a quality aspect of the organization and becomes part of business operations. It is important to draw a clear policy, but that is not enough. Although rules and procedures provide direction, managers and employees are regularly confronted with dilemmas. There are always more complex situations than there are rules. And it is especially at these critical moments that the meaning of integrity becomes visible: can you resist pressure from above and outside? Do you help each other make difficult choices? Integrity requires awareness, leadership and a courageous culture. Integrity gives you air, integrity lets you live!

Integrity means that an organization or a person is honest and sincere. An honest entrepreneur does what he says and says what he does. This has everything to do with dealing with dilemmas. And with making choices that can be justified afterwards. In other words: with ethical business conduct, the behavior and actions of an organization can be explained and justified. This naturally applies to both companies that work in the Netherlands and companies that operate internationally. Acting with integrity includes:

avoid conflicts of interest
handle personal or sensitive information with care
fulfill commitments made and agreements made
actively inform about risks that may arise when purchasing a product or service
take the initiative to limit the damage caused by a mistake

Integrity awareness

This makes integrity a self-evident aspect of daily work and thus of the organizational culture. Integrity as a living theme will contribute to a healthy working environment, where people feel connected and supported. This also makes your organization a reliable partner in sustainable external relationships.