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Private investigations

Our division Private investigations focusses on providing high quality private PI services in The Netherlands, but also abroad, especially in Europe. For numerous investigations we can be of service working with a license of the Justice department (POB 821) and having a strong team of experienced private investigators.

We are a certified Private investigation agency which can provide quality services worldwide.

The private investigators working in our team have all a wide experience in different investigations and government services and are licensed by Dutch law. All investigations are being performed with the greatest care and are followed by a report of the highest quality that can be of great value in for example a court case.

The most investigations we perform are concerning a possible cheating spouse or are alimony related but also for other detective investigations we can be of service. A few of the private investigations in which we can be of service are listed below:

  • Divorce matters (proof lodging partner)
  • Activity research
  • Cheating spouse investigation
  • Background check

All our private investigations and detective services are being performed fast, discrete and with care for all persons involved. Following our private investigation a report can be made elaborated with video and photo footage if possible. Already many times our report has been of great value in court for our clients.

For all our services and investigations we have a clear cost setup which can be made after a personal interview were the investigation goals are being set. During the investigation one of our private investigators will keep you informed about the continuation of the investigation.