Within QUSO BV all data is treated with the utmost discretion. By guaranteeing integrity and providing data solely to the responsible persons, continuity is guaranteed.

Management and employees are committed to:


Performing the work with integrity, honesty and reliability.
Requesting permission from the client in the event of an expected budget overrun.
Failure to perform any act whereby information is obtained that should not have been provided on the basis of any legal regulation or company rules.
Remembering statements and / or behaviors that can be interpreted by third parties as sexual harassment and / or sexual harassment.
Compliance with laws and regulations.
Confidentiality of confidential data of (potential) clients.
Refusing and / or never offering gifts and / or making promises that are improper and / or disproportionate in business.
Performing the work in a manner that is as effective and beneficial as possible for the client.
Applying the principles of proportionality and subsidiarity in the case of options when applying research options.
Informing the client in the interim about the progress of the work.
The greatest possible care in order to safeguard the interests of its clients and their employees.


Refraining from making misleading statements, behaviors and / or applying psychological and / or physical pressure / coercion.
Making objective truth finding with the aim of determining the true circumstances of events.
Developing initiatives that contribute to good interaction with the government.
Handling complaints / complaints within a maximum period of 14 days.