On this page you will find frequently asked questions and the answers. If you have a question that is not answered with the answers below, please feel free to contact us through our information form, after which we will try to answer your question as fully as possible.

To conduct Private investigation agency, several strict conditions must be met, which we as QUSO BV meet. This includes a permit from the Ministry, a registration with the Dutch Data Protection Authority and working in accordance with a privacy code of conduct. All employees also have the required diplomas and the required experience to perform all services offered by us in an expert manner.

A permit from the Ministry of Justice is issued to companies that meet strict conditions for carrying out Private investigations. These numbers indicated with ND and POB represent the certification of the company and in this way you know that you are doing business with a reliable partner. Companies that have such a certification are, for example, periodically checked, are required to provide an annual report and work according to certain criteria.

We are a company affiliated with the Dutch DPA, or the College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens (Personal Data Protection Board) and are obliged to work in accordance with the privacy code of conduct. The Dutch DPA sets strict requirements for the processing and handling of all personal data and also supervises this.

We comply with the relevant laws or regulations in all investigations and work performed by us. All investigators are in possession of the legally required diplomas and, as a company, we are licensed by the Ministry of Justice to conduct criminal investigations. You therefore do not run any risk and it is completely legal and permitted to use our services and can be of decisive value in any legal case.

Because in all investigations there are often many factors that we have no influence on, we do not work on a no cure no pay basis, but on the basis of an hourly rate per researcher. However, it is often possible to provide an estimate of the total costs based on the type of research. You will also be kept informed of the progress and the hours worked during the investigation.

During the investigation you will be informed by telephone of the developments during the work per day. In this way we involve you in the investigation and you have a say in, for example, the time that the investigation lasts that day and you keep track of the costs.

The costs that a certain investigation entails depends mainly on the type of investigation and the situation. Once the reason and purpose of the investigation have been mapped out and we have looked at how we can be of service to you, it is only possible to give us a price.

We always work on the basis of an hourly rate per researcher, which will be submitted to you by telephone, but ultimately in the form of an offer. Of course we can give you an estimate of the total costs, but because this depends on many factors on which we have no influence, no rights can be derived from this.

During the investigation you will be kept informed of the progress per research day, whereby the hours worked will also be communicated and you can keep track of the progress of the investigation and the investigation costs.

The costs of the various services depend on many factors. In addition to the type of service, it is also important to know whether the work is done at night or during the day, how many hours and how many security guards. When you request the price by telephone or e-mail, we can pass it on to you, which will then be recorded in an offer. All amounts are exclusive of VAT.